How to make a wet pole twitch AKA fluid-structure interaction

We’re celebrating this week with a bottle of champagne, as the next checkpoint in our curvy road to PhD has been achieved. Finally we got a first model of fluid-structure interaction to work!

So what’s the big fuss about it? Well, these kind of models can predict e.g. how a ship or other constraction will respond to the load exerted by a wave. Respond, or fail to respond and be washed away. Thus, the prediction coming from the simulation makes a design much easier, as we know what one can expect in real conditions. We also made a small scale lab model of a beam:

Look how the waves make the pole twitch 🙂

And then we have a similar simulation in 2 dimensions:

You can see that the waves are very benign here, unlike in the experiment, where they are close to break. So you have a hint that this model still requires extension, otherwise we would be unemployed 😉 But it’s a great starting point for further research, so keep on looking for upcoming posts!


Outreach high school talk



We were invited to give a talk about our work in a high school in Starachowice, Poland. The meeting with pupils took place on 17th November.

Pupils expressed great interest in the topic of freak waves, asking demanding questions which really made us sweat to answer in an accessible manner 😉 . It was a real pleasure to speak to such a great audience and we are looking forward to more outreach activities with curious people!

Check the school website for more.